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Our Team

Many of our team members participating in the 2016 Global Rites of Passage Leadership Training with Dr Arne Rubinstein.

Many of our team members participating in the 2016 Global Rites of Passage Leadership Training with Dr Arne Rubinstein.

Kinship Camps has a team of facilitators and group leaders who we hand pick from experience, 'in field' qualification and recommendation. Our program facilitators are highly regarded in their field and committed to these programs.  They bring a leadership to the group like no other.

Rachel (Co-Founder)

Silvana (Co-Founder)

As a high school teacher, a mother of teenage boys and a manager of many more in the sport of rugby, Silvana saw a need to positively guide our youth through to adulthood.  She brings her expertise in leadership, emotional intelligence and engagement of community.  A closet geek, Silvana runs a cloud computing company with her partner, is a board member for a number of associations and is VP of the local rugby union club.

"Your Child Deserves The Best You Can Provide, And So Do You!"
"Your Child Deserves The Best You Can Provide, And So Do You!"

Rachel has over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry, including international roles within Publicity and Event Management.  She provides the professional and personalised services in the planning, co-ordinating and management of all our programs.  Rachel is also a sister to younger siblings and has seen a need to better guide our youth as they deal with adolescence.


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The current Head of Year 9 at a local Perth  Boys College, Mike has been facilitating Rites of Passage for young men for over 4 years and has been humbled to witness over 450 boys take steps to transition into respectful, resilient young men.

Mike is inspired by those who are awesome and he strongly believes that every young person has the capability to create and achieve amazing things – they just need support maneuvering through life in order to get there.  That is where Rites of Passage has played such an integral role in his life.



Mark Ravensdale (Lem) is a Facilitator with Outback Initiatives where he leads Special Force troops of the Gurkha Contingent through the remote northwest of Australia.  His strengths are group facilitation, leadership and cross cultural interaction.  Mark contributes to the Mankind Project – a men’s personal growth and leadership organisation.

Lem is mesmerising when he leads the 'ritual theatre' in our 'Men of Honour' program.  He guides the participants to be bold and confident in making and 'owning' statements about who they are, what they can contribute to the world.

Senior Group Leaders


Growing up with 3 brothers and being a father of 2 boys, Steve knows all too well the needs and barriers of boys becoming young men of integrity and character.  His 20 years in management roles and business ownership has enriched his knowledge and passion for enabling success and well roundness for young individuals to become the best they can.



An amazing father and contributor to community, Darren has worked with Dr Arne Rubinstein at the 'Making Men' Camp in NSW.  He was most recently at the Jan 2017 camp and shares incredible insights.  Darren  brings this experience and his skills as a successful Project Manager to the group.

Junior Group Leader

We encourage the participation of Junior Leaders as positive role models for the Boys participating on the MoH program. It is also a pathway for program participants to return to future camps themselves as role models to continue a positive cycle of support for our young Men.


Olly is a young passionate man who has been working with at risk teens in both Perth and Brisbane since 2012.  He is dedicated to making a change to young people's lives.

Together with the help of a few key individuals he bought the real teens foundations workshop, BreakFreeNow, over to Perth from Brisbane two consecutive years in a row.  He has been an integral part of the workshop since he participated in it himself.